Finding ETSI compliance documentation


I would like to inquire about compliance to the ETSI standards for a LoRA WAN equipment. Where can I get to know about it?


Forum search would help.

Google will certainly give you the official documentation.

Whereas there aren’t any technical forums where such a total thread hijack is appropriate.

If you were more patient & had done some searching, you’d be able to start your own topic.

I am new to the forum. I cannot post a new post. I would like to inquire about how a LoRA products presumes conformity with ETSI standards and ETSI RED Directive.

Thank you.

Wow, really, just add your request to any random topic?

This is a volunteer run forum - please don’t waste our time on admin so we can help with actual answers.

But not so much the ones that Google can help the best with.

As far as the RED (Radio Equipment Directive ?) goes, a LoRa product cannot ‘presume’ conformity, its up to the product designer to ensure or test that the product complies.

And if your thinking of designing a product, get in touch with a professional adviser at the beginning is my advice.


So 1st point of contact isnt a random forum post but rather you contact the manufacturer of the product you are considering as they have the responsibility to make any e.g. RED certification available to clients. Unless developing your self then take Stuart’s advice wrt consulting - at start… The other good pont of contact is the LoRa Alliance who can sign-post you to sources if using COTS products…