Finished Opensource Raspberry Pi Gateway Hat (SX1301/8 base)

Hi all,
I’ve just designed a RPI hat using SX1301/8:
I guess it is the first OpenSource Real LoRa Gateway :smiley:
If anyone is interested, here is the link to Tindle store :

Also note that I’ve also designed a version for RPI Zero, which I think the smallest Gateway using SX1301?
Using it as my Portable Gateway mainly for debug though. Love the USB Ethernet Gadget device.


If only this was around a few months ago… Looks very neat :slight_smile:

’ last but not least, I’ve launch some High Altitude Balloon and using it as my multi-channel receiver. Which reach about 100Km by BW 125Khz CR 4/5 SF 7 @ 432Mhz with 16dBm power + MAX2640 LNA. ’

that’s also impressive… you have some more info on that experiment ? :sunglasses:

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Here is the receiver (Single channel in the farthest, RPI gateway in the front)
Here is the balloon
And here is the result.

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I’m guessing is that the battery is dead after last package sent, package seems reset by power.
other wise there is still line of sight.

Also here is the RF filter & Amp board.

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Note that 100Km+ is not my longest record, I’ve used two SX1278(RFM98) @ full power and DIY Yagi antenna (10dB by testing) and same SF CR BW and reach 270Km and 30+km height, and the balloon burst.
Main mission is to measure cosmic rays, and I’ve designed hardware and software.


wow… very interesting, and that big stick GP antenna… what type is that ?

just a outdoor type fiberglass antenna, 6dB @ 144/433Mhz.
Buy from local radio store

Very cool!! Congrats on this excellent design!

What about 868 MHz versions?

The seems to be only 915MHz

if a 868 MHZ version was available I’d be swinging my creditcard right away;-)

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Well… I might not selling 868Mhz version,
but since it is a opensource project, you can just build your own one :smiley:
It is easy modification from original 915Mhz design, just replace SAW and RF passive components to fit 868Mhz.

I also need 868MHz version of this ( I guess other people in Europe would want to buy it)
It is not so easy to replace elements and build your own hardware. Not everybody interested in LoRAWAN is so good in radio hardware. If you can make a EU version of this board and sell it, some people would appreciate it:)


Dear Will,

kudos for sharing your efforts and for publishing this as open source! Our community also started to use LoRa technology this year and we always have been waiting for such a thing.

Just wanted to let you know we republished your announcement in our community forum at the “Hardware bazaar” category:

Keep up the spirit!



This is pretty awesome. Let us know how we can spread this more across the community

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Thanks for design !!!
Make changes for 868, improve design and order PCB.

Good job !

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Cool ! ,Any details about improved design?

I’ve also finished my second RF Frontend module
0.28dB NF claimed by SKY67150_396LF seems promising.


Change DC-DC to TI chip, wires from SX1257 to SX1301, layout to support GPS MAX-7/8, SIM68, L70 and DRC rules for local/china pcb companies. Add smt jumpets for connect DIO0-4 to GPIOs because i want change packet-forwarder software from polling mode to interrupt mode and possible use none-RasPi gateways.

Thank you for design

Great! I’m very interested how others designed & part decision & layout, please post the result if you will.
I’ve also moved to TPS62061 which is pin-to-pin compatible to ETA3410…because I’ve ran out of that chip, glad that I found replaceable parts, ETA3410 is really hard to find even on Taobao.

My previous gateway is using L80 (like L70+GPS antenna built-in), but after some testing I found that liblora uses UBX protocol, so I change to MAX-7Q. I like L70 though, it have SAW filter built-in, good for small passive antenna, but too bad that liblora doesn’t support MTK’s GPS chip…

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