Firmware update

(Harryhcs) #1

Hi there, reading about the firmware update docs it seems very unspecific. It sais place the files on the USB then put it into the Kerlink usb port. Wait 5 minutes. Some say wait 10 minutes…

So is this really that specific? Is there any indication of the firmware been completed? One topic sais that wait 10 mins then check if rimware updated… How would you check? It continues to say, with usb still connected… So when do you take it out? Exactly after 10 mins ? What if the usb light is flashin on the usb?

I feel the documentation is very vague about it all. I have no idea when to remove the usb stick, and if the firmware didnt work, do I try again and wait longer…?
Do you need to rboot the revice after you removed the stick? Or with it in it? How do you do tht?

Very confused right now!