First Gateways in Buenos Aires


We are ready to get our first gateways. We are working with multitec to get a couple of LoRa gateways and nodes.

Hopefully by the end of October we will have them.

We are organizing a meetup to showcase them, exchange ideas and test them

Join us!


Hi @Ropu . I am leading the campaign in São Paulo. We also bought the equipment from Multitech (the conduit gateway, the mCard and the mDots). Another member of our team here is in Los Angeles for an event and will bring them to São Paulo in October 13th.
Let’s keep in touch to cooperate during the setup of the network in South America.
My email if you need is

Out Facebook page is

@Ropu @flavio which version on Conduit have you ordered?
AEP or mLinux?

For mDots are you planning on using ARM mBed or AT cmd interface?

@thinginnovations & myself have been using mDots & Conduit AEP which runs node-RED for some time so shout if you need any help.

BTW multiTech offer a free cloud service called DeviceHQ which allows you to manage your Conduit remotely.


awesome @flavio. i’ll send an email to follow up.

here our BA FB group

@wienke is this correct?


That is what we’ve ordered:

MTUDK2-ST-MDOT MultiConnect mDot Developer Kit

For the gateway we ordered the mLinux one.

If we need help I let you know!

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@flavio I think you’ve ordered the AEP version
AEP version MTCDT-H5-210 A -US-EU-GB
mLinux vern MTCDT-210 L -US-EU-GB
It’s the leater after -210x A is for AEP L is for Linux

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I sent you the wrong code. The one we ordered was: MTCDT-210L US-EU-GB

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Awesome @flavio

Got the same one

have you tested them? what firmware are you using? is already connected to the TTN?

Is there actually anyone at all connected to TTN currently? Or is it just the reporting page that doesn’t update anymore? (last update on Sunday)

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Not yet. They will arrive in Brazil on October 13th.

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@johan @Jorma is anyone monitoring the monitoring service? :wink:

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Just a note, when ordering mDot modules, they come in a number of versions. I have a number of the SMA and u.Fl versions. The SMA ones include the programming header and fit in the mDot developer kit, the u.Fl versions don’t include the programming header and I had to solder these on myself.
The mDot developer kits include an antenna and SMA pigtail for connecting to the u.Fl mDot once you have the programming header added.

I’d advise getting 2 or more of the dev kits and some spare antenna for use with mDot that are installed in other devices. Partly because the micro USB socket used in mbed programming could break with repeated use.



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thx for the advise

i got 5 mDots and 5 dev kits. so we can also share with the initial community.

also 1 conduit with ETH and 1 with GMS. So we can move around the city and also test coverage.

We will also get two dev kits and SMA mDots. We also purchased the AEP/NodeRED version and may have to MQTT in to TNN. It’s a way for us to have a level of security while providing a ‘global’ net.

i got the mLinux Version.

i hope we can hook to the TTN easily. if not, do you know if i can move to NodeRED easily?

@ropu @creatinghere . I hope this too. I know @johan had a call this week with Multitech to discuss how to hook the mLinux Conduit Gateway to TTN.


@Ropu and @flavio according to multitech you can move from NodeRED to mLinux but not the other way.

And I have heard rumor the mLinux packet forwarder will be is being worked on and will ready sooner for the mLinux models – allowing them to hook in more quickly.

I debated w myself hard on this and opted for security and rapid/easier development over time to TTN.

@johan is this true and can you confirm status for both models, please? Important and timely.

** From my perspective if everyone had a NodeRED conduit we could all share “flows” and seed rapid dev. innovation. **


i’ll contact them to get more info and even see if i can get the NodeRed and then migrate to mLinux.

good tip @creatinghere

@creatinghere be aware that if you go for mDot Xbee with SMA it’s best that you get pig-tail as the antenna can lift the mDot from xBee header.

This will do the job:

I’m using the UFL as they are a bit cheaper.

Also you should both be using and signup for the Forum.
Where you will find @thinginnovations & Myself