First TTN temperature sensor


I’m trying to connect a temperature sensor (tektelic agriculture) to my gateway (Kona micro Lite).
I achieved to configure my gateway, I used the OTAA method to activate my sensor. Both status are “green” in TTN console.

The problem is that I didn’t receive any mesure.

The sensor sends a “join request” data,the gateway answers “join accept”. Then the sensor sends again a 'join request" and again…

How can I finish the “join procedure” of my sensor?

Thanks for your help,


Seeing that a join accept is sent by the network means that you configured the device EUI, keys etc correctly. Somehow your node is either not hearing the response from the network, or simply forgetting the OTAA parameters.

How well is the radio path between the node and the gateway (what RSSI and SNR do you see for example)?
Is your node configured for the correct regional settings?
Is perhaps the battery very low, possibly causing a “hic-up”? e.g. doing the OTAA, then experiencing an under-voltage, causing it to forget the OTAA parameters and restarting the OTAA again.

Thanks for the answer.

I bought the sensor in december. The battery should be ok.

I don’t know how to get RSSI and SNR.
I read the “join request” on the gateway traffic in TTN console. So I imagine that the radio path is ok.

The problem may be the sensor configuration. How can I modify the sensor config without loranwan connection?

The RSSI and SNR should be shown when a message comes in at the gateway console view on

For questions about the sensor, I think you should contact the sensor manufacturer or reseller.

I have one of their sensors too. Same thing. I know what I am supposed to do, just never figured out how and I am pretty sure I have lost that thing now lol. What I was suppoed to do is configure it by sending special configuration commands to it via lora. maybe yours has the same thing?