FIXED: Got TTIG today, able to connect to Wifi but not to TTN

Hi all,

I got a TTIG gateway (868 MHz, Europe) from RS components today. I’ve been successfully using the AP mode with IP to set my own Wifi credentials. Worked fine.

If the device identifies as ESP-50Bxxx when fetching an IP address, it should have gotten an IP address, too.

I am connecting to a Fritzbox 7430 with OS 7.12

The green light is continuously on, since the usual blinking at the start, so I figure the TTIG should have nothing to complain.

However, when I try to add a gateway with the legacy mode, get the MAC from the label or the eui info from the devices website, insert the FFFE as described to get the EUI, it does not get connection to the TTN servers.

This is my fith gateway so I guess I know about the usual function.

Where can I go from here?


I could resolve it:

The reason was the much too small letters of the EUI on the label of the GW, I confused B and 8 - although I took a loupe from start. This problem could have been avoided if the hex letters were in small caps. Or just a bigger label or only the most important things on the label…


I made a photo and enlarged the picture…