For sale : Left over PCB's iC880A-Raspberry-PI designed by ch2i V1.1

I’m cleaning out my shack and found 4 left over PCB’s which can be used to build a LoRaWAN gateway with a Raspberry PI and the ISMT iC880A LoraWan concentrator Gateway (SPI version). The PCB is designed by Charles CH2I (all credits to Charles). More info about this PCB can be found on this link

I build 6 gateways with these PCB’s and these gateways still work like a charm.And I think it’s a shame to leave the PCB’s unused in my shack. So I want to sell them at cost price (I ordered 10 of these PCB’s and used DHL shipping to get them as quickly as possible).

Price for a single PCB is euro 3,50 excl shipping.

I ship by and the cost can be calculated here.

Note : PCB"s are sold without technical support for setting up your own gateway. But there can be found a lot of info on this forum.

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