Forwarding to additional Servers (LNS)


as it is needed to edit/add the preconfigured servers in the configuration of the mikotik LoraWan-Packet-Forwarder to work with The Things Network Community Network, i wonder what about the original configured Lora Network Servers (LNS)?

In my running configuration i only forward to .
What about the predefined
What are possible advantages or disadvanteges to forward packet to further LNS?
Does each LNS require a registration to work like it is necessary to priviously register each Gateway ID in The Things Network Console?
Does it require diffrent ports for each downlink?

I am curious how you configured this!


Both off these hosts name’s end at the same ip address true the DNS ( some service’s at Microsoft cloud. But they are on different nameservers. So maybe better to always use the “” as standaard.

Given that the LNS uses HTTP, a single server with multiple (sub-)domains could very well serve very different things for each (sub-)domain.

(But I’ve no idea why would be used, and you might be right that it’s the same thing. I’d love to see some official statement or documentation on that though.)