FOSSASAT1 - The LoRa PocketQube - Launched

Launched this morning from New Zealand at 08:18 UTC, FOSSASAT1 has been heard in Australia;

I am listening; 436.7Mhz, SF11, BW125khz, CodingRate 4:8, SyncWord for SX127x 0xFF, Syncword for SX126x 0x0F0F,


Great job!

If the syncWord is 0xFF for SX127x then the synchWord for SX126x should be 0x1F1F if I remember correctly…
BTW, It was a bad idea to use such a synch word, it has an higher false synchronisation rate than normal: the nibble in the SX127x needs to be different. But I guess it is too late now…

If you want to receive the packets from FOSSASAT, the provided groundstation software needs to be used with a SX126x based board …

The problem is currently that the antenna of FOSSASAT hasn’t deployed correctly and reception can only performed by use of bigger antennas.

I tried to pick it up a couple of nights ago, it passed overhead about 5km out, so pretty much minimum distance.

I used a home brew quadrifilar helix antenna, ideal for overhead satellites with my silly expensive LNA in front of a SX1268, but I did not even get a pre-amble detect.

They are trying to use a lot of power to get a command to it, not sure how much, but I could manage 60W here …

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I would like to point out that this Satellite works on an amateur radio frequency and not in the ISM Band.
Everybody who want to send data needs an amateur radio operator license to be legal.