FPORT; correct usage

havn’t found so much information on fport/port. What’s the correct usage for the FPORT?
I read I can use port 1-223. Currently I’m testing (randomly) on different port and as far as I see, I get my messages on more or less any given port.


I’m thinking about to use the port to differentiate multiple sensors per node, open for any ideas…

Additional, there was a post stating:

but if there are other usages or any restrictions - please let me know.

No other restrictions as far as i know and yes it is a perfect tool to differ between different payloads (sensors, battery status, etc.). Just integrate a “switch” statement in the decoder and you can easily handle different payloads by port.

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thank you for your fast answer.
(different payloads are currently not an issue, I’ve chosen an bitmap-based approach to handle variable length with a very small overhead)

The fPort is information you “pay” to move regardless if you use it or not, so you might as well find something to use it for