Frm_payload in the downloaded mac data json is not the same as actual payload

When I download the device mac data, it contains a series of last received messages. This data includes a field called “frm_payload”, but this payload is not the same as the actual payload data in the events view.

inspecting the frame from the live data view:

"received_at": "2023-05-01T15:02:44.376185497Z",
    "uplink_message": {
      "session_key_id": "removed",
      "f_port": 42,
      "f_cnt": 3566,
      "frm_payload": "AQiI4AIQ/XUaBCADKAIgmCMw0a4D",

and the same event from the downloaded mac data:

"payload": {

          "mac_payload": {

            "f_port": 42,
            "frm_payload": "zDZP4KfSJ3YiG4nsaVfO8pccpEdH",
            "full_f_cnt": 3566
        "received_at": "2023-05-01T15:02:44.171576484Z",

Is this field still encrypted/encoded somehow? They seem to have the same length.

Indeed, the recent uplinks stored in the session are network level uplinks, which means that the contents are still encrypted using the AppSKey. They are also not covered by a compatibility commitment - over time we remove fields which are unused from the recent_uplinks/recent_downlinks for space optimization reasons.
If you would like to look at historical uplinks at application level, I recommend using the storage integration, or storing the messages yourself.

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