Gain of pycom antenna

I gather that one should steer clear of antennas that are sold without a gain specification.

For example, the pycom kit (LoRa (868MHz/915MHz) & Sigfox Antenna Kit - Pycom) doesn’t specify any gain.

There is a posting in a pycom forum about this topic, but without an conclusive or even official response:

Another pycom forum user even reports on the bad quality he observed with that device:

Has anyone measured the gain/quality of this antenna?

Is there a rule of thumb for the gain of such an antenna?

The second (?) post in that thread I assume shows a standard 1/4 wave veritical with 1/4 wave radials. This is an easy to build referance antenna in the format shown, and if the lengths are correct, then its difficult to see how it is not close to 2.1dBi gain.

So if you build one of these ‘reference’ antennas, comparing the performance of other antennas to within one dBm or so is easy and quick enough.

I dont have one of those antennas so cannot measure the performance.

There is no ‘rule of thumb’ for the gain of purchased antennas.

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Maybe this thread can help you: