Gate shows disconnected 3 days ago

Hi, my Lora8 Gateway shows ‘Disconnected 3 days ago’, however the uplink and downlink counter is still incrementing and looking at the event details, it is still still connecting to my application. (my application also connects often to another more distant gateway as shown by the event details)
I see that the disconnect message suggests: ‘The gateway has currently no TCP connection established with the Gateway Server. For (rare) UDP based gateways, this can also mean that the gateway initiated no pull/push data request within the last 30 seconds.’
Live data on the console shows Receiving gateway status, sending downlink messages and receiving uplink messages.

So basically - is there an issue since I seem to be sending/receiving?
snap shot below (EUI is blanked out )

Which is what we’d use to check the status of it - the EUI is public knowledge in everyone’s uplinks that passes through your gateway.

Have you tried refreshing the page - the console has many different elements pulling data - but fundamentally, it’s clearly got traffic so it’s clearly connected and it’s clearly doing it’s job, it’s just the erroneous message causing confusion.

Hi thanks for reply. Yes, I’ve tried refreshing.
Right you are about the eui (it’s 3133303734002E00)
One point is that I didn’t originally add the gateway by claiming as the new documentation suggests. What is the the difference between just ‘adding’ or ‘claiming’ when creating a new gateway?

Claiming is the process used for the TTIG’s under BasicStation and use a 3rd party claim server to pull details and assign to your account - others are simply added through normal registration process. Now we know your EUI we can see that it isnt a TTIG (typically start 58xxxxx…), so normal registration vs Claiming is correct procedure

Thanks for that Jeff

Same with my gateway.
In the overview it says “connected”.
In the detailed view it says “disconnected yesterday” but shows livedata with status message every 30 seconds and also incomming data from my nodes.

Then I wouldn’t worry as it’s clearly doing its job… I’ve seen the odd stuck connection condition which subsequently cleared/corrected a few hours or a day or so later…suspect a db/data scrapping and sync’ing error as others have noted this occasionally too. Or potentially if internet connection/stability issues caused a few missing 30sec status msgs cause a temporary drop gw action that hasn’t synced back correctly. Especially as you see

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