Gateway Abandoned on V2

I have an ST P-NUCLEO-LRWAN2 gateway still on V2

Nodes recently added on V3 seem to be getting traffic through it - will this continue to happen once V2 is turned off (next week)?

Its ‘server address’ is currently set to ‘’


When V2 is turned off, will it essentially become “free” and unattached?

No. A forum search will reveal that there will still be some packet forwarding for a while after 1st Dec for gateways but nothing for devices - they will have to be on v3.

You could always upgrade the gateway firmware / settings.

and, after that, will it essentially become “free” and unattached?


There is no new firmware available; I think it’s just a matter of changing the “lorawan server” address from ‘’ to ‘’ ?

In the Tinder sense? Or just shouting packets in to the void?

If the server it’s trying to send packets to is no longer there, what does this mean to you in practical terms?

What have you tried?

Done - using the ‘’ provided in the V3 Console during the ‘Add Gateway’ process.

LOL, it’s always a bit meta when you talk someone in to solving a problem by getting them to be brave enough to try the things they’ve been suggesting and then they mark the technical bit as the solution when the problem wasn’t really technical …

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