Gateway advice required

Morning All, I am considering purchasing the RAK831 gateway board for the Raspberry pi. Is that still a favourable model or has it been superseeded ?
I intend to install the gateway for my own personal use, mainly because I live at the end of a valley with my only window being into mid Wales and cannot access any other gateway. I have considered constructing a single channel gateway but I know it would be frowned upon, would it be so bad in my situation as I would be the only user ? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks…

I am sure you will understand that the TTN forum does not wish to act as a technical resource of information or source of advice on non compliant TTN\LoRaWAN devices.

So the advice regarding the RAK831 pi board would be ??

Frowned upon isn’t really the right emotion - it’s more at the catagorically ban end of feelings - we do not support Single Channel Packet Forwarder (they are not gateways, gateways listen on 8 channels) because they are disruptive to the community and we ask people that are using them to stop immediately.

How can you tell you would be the only user? How can you be sure you would be the only user? What if someone else deploys some devices in a weeks time?

You’d also have to build your own devices and in some way subvert the code so that they could communicate with your SCPF.

An older model that RAK no longer sells itself, check out the other options here:

Thanks for the info guys, so moving forward in a positive direction and considering my location it would seem a good idea to invest in an Gateway board in the form of a pi hat, in which any device can access if suitably located. I have a budget of around ÂŁ150 for the concentrator board, are there any recommendations within that budget. Maybe the RAK 2245 ?

That would be fine if you want to build your own system, alternatively they also offer a number of pre built systems - the 724x series of which the 7246 (blue box!) is the cheapest

You might also consider the TTIG or say Dragino LPS8 as low cost options if not too focussed on GW dev or needing detaled GW logs (TTIG).

IIRC the 224x boards have a reduced speed SPI i/f due to use of a level translator that you will need to adjust your Pi to (search if your friend)

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The Pi firmware RAK supply will get you going - you can then roll your own if there is anything special you are trying to achieve.

As @Jeff-UK is my go to resource for gateway chip sets, perhaps some erudition on SX1301 (RAK2245) vs SX1302 (RAK2287) from him would be good?

Well having read the literature regarding the RAK2245 and deciding that’s what I will try to purchase it appears they are not easy to come across!
Do any of you guys know of any UK suppliers of the unit or a trustworthy supplier outside of the UK ?

Google will probably help best with finding UK stock

This online shop usually has decent stock levels:

Thanks Nick, all sorted now as item is back in stock and my order has been placed. Best regards.