Gateway delay

I use Browan Minihub pro gateway, EU868 settings. I connected it from Japan to AU server. Ii was working fine , for testing. I am now in EU, Croatia. I have connected gateway and works fine, almost. I can not change server from AU to EU. Simple door sensor works with delay or even doesnt work. Is it problem with server? How can i change server? Deleting gateway seems bad option. I red after deleting gateway, can not connact anymore?
Please help.

Deletion was a problem under TTN V2… with a TTIG/MiniHub under V3 deletion ok - you just cant reuse the Gateway ID (as configured on the TTN Console) reuse the GW EUI but then just type in a new GW-ID of your choosing, nothing obvious that someone else may have used…emes-ttig001 likely fine :wink:

Just edit the frequency plan - that’s how I move my 915 TTIG between the US & AU!

Dont believe that will change (improve) latency and LNS response… West coast US vs Au possibly not much in it depending on route but from Croatia to Ireland vs Asia = potentially big improvement and might improve not only hitting Rx windows but even original message capture - too late and will be ignored in LNS?

Best to make sure about your latency to the stack deployment. From the same network connection as what your gateway uses.

eu1 - is in Ireland
nam1 - is in California
au1 - is in Sidney

Hi, thanks for help. I deleted gateway and reinstalled. Use new gateway id and generated new API key. Everything seems fine, but gateway keep blinking green and stay disconnected. Is there anything I have missed ?

The gateway only checks for changes once every 24 hours - so turning it off & back on again helps.

Now is 16.01.2023. and nothing happens. Status of gateway is disconnected. Gateway automatically and periodically try to reconnect (green/orange led blinks) . If i turn it off/on gateway try connecting.

Finally works. Also I had to go back to au1 server and delete end devices and application. Back again to eu1 server and register devices under new application.
Thanks everyone for help.