Gateway disappeared

Absolutely yes! We have manufacturers, vendors, systems integrators, consultants and distributors who contribute e.g. GW’s to help build out the Community network (e.g. I persuaded Laird to drop one near me), and obviously like others they can/will use TTN as development/test bed and remember Manufacturers often call out compatability with TTN as a key sales/marketing feature/capability…how else can they test that - especially as many deployments started long before the more recent ‘commercial’ TTI tightening…

…we want these people and orgs to actively use, test and contribute to TTN!!! :slight_smile: :champagne:

(Transparency disclosure - whilst a long term active contributor and more recently moderator for Forum and Community I consider myself a ‘technology evangelist, consultant and SI’ in this space and have not only personal fleet of GW’s but other collabrators, clients and customers who have deployed and contributed for the greater good :wink: - there are therefore different or even multiple id’s associated with many GW’s and devices - many of which have never been near the Forum, as no need!)

Who’s got 60+ gateways &/or devices??

Yeah, see that happening on a daily basis with vendor based issues …

Errrmm! :blush: :man_shrugging:

60 models that each need testing where they make insufficient income from that to pay for a TTI instance …

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What are you talking about???
My email is registered. Or not? My email, registered on TTN is
Emxes is name requested by TTN. Of coarse it is not my name.
I bought Browan indoor gateway “LOCKED” on TTN so I can not say goodbye TTN.
If somebody try to use multiple account, esername or anything else, it is not my problem.
If you want talk about it, you can open new topic and stop blame me.
My problem is explained. If you can not fix the problem, you can say it. All I ask is to delete my gateway so I can register it again. Is it problem? Do you know how do that?

The OP is taking a couple of hours out to review their approach.


@emxes: This gateway is already registered under a different username. I was only pointing out the similarity between that username and yours.
If that’s not your username, then it’s possible that your reseller sold you a gateway that wasn’t unregistered by the previous owner.

If you DM me a picture of the back of that gateway to prove that you own this, I can delete it from it’s current user.

As a side note, this forum is not a commercial ticketing system. It’s driven mostly by volunteers who help each other out, with occasional support from the core team.

I can understand your frustration when you buy a new product and it doesn’t work.

However, please keep your responses civil and aggression-free towards the people who are trying to help you.

@descartes: Let’s give the OP one more chance to get the issue solved.

Warning issued but only benched for a couple of hours so should be able to pick up the thread by now.

Hi, i have not started uncivil behaviour. You have started blaming without proof. Anyway I am saying again, this gateway is locked to TTN so TTN has agreemant with Browan. I am saying, i dont want tracking double or fake devices or so. It is not my job. I am in test fase, so what can be happen if I sold all system and you have registered same gateway under different name?? Emes, em es, emxes are my names used for test purpose. Not intentionaly but hurring to fill all fields. Anyway , how device can be registered with same DEVEUI, same email but different username?? BIt a strange?
I am going back to start. Please delete my Browan TTN gateway from all accounts.

No one blamed anyone, all that was said by a member of TTI staff who took time out of his day to look at the internal database and say what he saw, with a side guess that you may have ended up with two or more accounts. A quick search fo the forum reveals that this crops up occasionally and does usually result in some confusion.

The post was entirely factual and did not cast blame or suggest that anyone had done anything wrong, was trying to do something wrong or was a bad person.

Your construction of post #25 is clearly born of frustration but your comment in post #26 was uncivil and in breach of forum guidelines.

I’ve no doubt @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 will update the registration database to allow you to re-claim your TTIG.

As stated above, mostly it’s volunteers here, some of which have been doing LoRaWAN on TTN since forever, so a huge body of experience but not inclined to putting up with such rudeness. Please also consider that this is going to be post #31 in what should have been a two or three post thread - please collate as much relevant information as you can when you open a topic - it helps get things done quicker - like telling us you have several accounts:

If you have several accounts then it is up to you to track them so please take more care in future, there is no requirement for anyone to help someone who’s got themselves in a muddle. There is no part of learning LoRaWAN that is benefited by hurrying, there are far too many technical details for gateways & devices, leaving aside user ids & permissions.

If you want keep blaming me, please read all my correspodents via this forum. You will see that I was connected to au1 cluster at first. I moved to europe and i had delays using au1 cluster, i delete my gateway from au1 cluster and register it to eu1 cluster. It was working fine until i have been trying activate downlink, but with no success. Now i have problem with console and with you without any normal reason. You have started blaming me. I am saying again, please delete my gateway from any cluster. Please.

again, i DO NOT HAVE several account. Please delete it all.

You seem to be victim of a language barrier and/or do not take sufficient time to read what is written.

Your responses to people trying to help are not particularly polite. As moderator I suggest you take a timeout while allowing TTI to remove the gateway from the current account to allow you to register it again.
This probably won’t happen until tomorrow as working hours for TTI employees have ended for the day.

I will be closing this topic to let everyone cool down for now.

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The gateway is now deleted and should be claimable. Please do a reset of the gateway after you’ve claimed it.

This indeed seems like language barrier issue. Thanks @kersing and @descartes for moderating this thread.