Gateway downlink questions?

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Some basic questions on Downlink testing. I cant find documentation on how to use ttn console to test downlinks to my new Gateway. The gateway works great for all uplinks. Its Raspberry Pi3 with RisingHF radio.
I played with sending test payloads on the ttn downlink console but the packets never show up on my gateway logs. Honestly, I don't know if I'm using the console correctly. Not sure what "schedule" will do between replace, first, last? Also what is FPort for? Confirmed?

Any comments would be appreciated.

No Downlink messages
No Downlink messages


It is bad etiquette to hi-jack a topic for your unrelated questions so I've moved it to a new topic.

Downlinks are for nodes, not for gateways. TTN schedules the downlink packet for the gateway it considers the best match for a node. That might not be your gateway. Does the node get the downlink data?

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Apologies on the hijack..need to do more testing to see if its received at the node. There are no gateways in my area so it would have to go through my gateway. Best, Jim


In the console page for the node you should be able to see if downlink data is transmitted (sent to a gateway). Keep in mind downlink packets are only sent to a node upon reception of data from the node.

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Ok I have an update...I do receive the 21 byte test packet on the my risingHF gateway so I am happy it works.The confirmation is in the INFO comments at 10:19:39. Why are the PULL_DATA messages showing no transmission or are they meant for something else?

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See the (old) protocol specifications; downlinks are not direct responses to PULL_DATA:

5.2.3 PULL_DATA message

The PULL_DATA messages are periodically transmitted to the LoRa network server in order to inform the server of the UDP port number to which the network server should send any PULL_RESP message.

Also, the logging is totally up to your gateway implementation; to reliably see all traffic between your gateway and TTN, you'd need to sniff it.


PULL DATA is for the Semtech protocol. You are connecting to TTN using the TTN protocol. The last 3 lines indicate you are receiving downlink data which is scheduled for transmission.

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Ah, indeed the logs say PULL_DATA sent: 0. I didn't notice that.

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To close this out I in fact confirmed my device received the test downlink packet! Smiles.


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