Gateway eui already registered under another

Hi I am I having issues with a lora gateway I have made using my raspberry pi 3. Whenever I use the single packet forwarder it loads the gateway EUI number. However whenever I register this EUI it says it has already been taken or registered by some called foxcaser. Is there anyway I can resolve this problem because I cant seem to get in contact with this person.

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The single packet forwarder suggests you are using an RFM95 or similar to receive LoRaWAN packets and not an 8 channel concentrator. If that is the case, stop right now, and turn it of. Single channel hardware is disruptive for the network and will cause issues for you and other users. Also, it won’t work with the current TTN version so it’s wasted time anyway.

Not quite, sorry for not being clear, I am using an RFM95 which is acting as a sensor node which is connected to a DHT11 sensor and it is from here it sending those packets. Then on the other end is my single channel lora gateway hooked using my pi 3. So could this not work then?

See what Jac stated above - Note LoRa GW (as in proprietary) not LoRaWAN - which specifies min 8 channels (with full SF support). Do not connect SCPF’s to TTN, Do use Forum search for previous discussions of SCPF’s & DCPF’s…

You saying in your second post that the issue is with your device when in your first post you said it was about a duplicate gateway EUI is somewhat disingenuous - please don’t try to change the subject in the vain hope that you will fool us in to assisting.

No, regardless of whether @Jac thought you were using a RFM95 on your Pi, which in fact is very likely as there are very few LoRa HATS for a Pi, most of which use the RFM95, you are using a SCPF which is unsupportable and of detriment to the community.