Gateway for Mexico City

We are looking for a gateway to bring TTN to Mexico, Please
help us to choose the correct gateway !

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There is not such thing as the ‘correct gateway’, it depends on your needs and wishes, and your budget of course. Please see here for an overview.

If you can further specify your wishes, i can help you make the right choice.

hi, we look that hardware:

Dear @GrupoNeoHQ, thank you for your post!

@devlaam I think they have determined the multitech best suits their needs and budget, and the biggest question is: can they start working with only the first, or do they need the second to get connected?

Ah, now i understand the question. The first is not enough, it is just the (required!) host. To build a gateway with that you need the second also, or at least the lora receiver component of it: Whatever you order (complete kit or just the module) make sure you have the correct frequency. Mexico, Region2m thus most likely: 915MHz, but could not definitive conformation, see for an overview.

Dear @devlaam

Thanks for your comment and support, we’re to order the complete kit and the antennas to, we’re not sure about the frequency, we going to get the 100% secure about the frequency as soon as possible. It’s there anything else to deploy the gateway talkin about hardware?

I think this is pretty complete, i think. For further information have a look at this thread: Setting up Multitech Conduit Gateway for TTN

its the same hadware i hting, we need to review the antenas too.

Hi we look this another gateway
what do you think ?