Gateway for TTN V3

Hi everyone,

I have two gateways, my question is, can i use them on v3 and what firmware is required for these gateways to use them on v3?

ST LRWAN_GS_HF1(SX1301/SX1257) -
Tracknet Tabs Hub TBG100 - TrackNet TBG100 - LoRaWAN Network Server Osprey (v7.x) - Documentation Hub

This should not be used on TTN.

According ST’s documentation, the power amplifier a LoRaWan gateway is expected to have is removed from this module. When multiple gateways receive an uplink, TTN will select the one with the strongest signal report - presumably the closest to send any downlink reply. But this gateway will not be able to transmit at the commanded signal level, so even if it’s a bit closer, a gateway with a power amp should be used instead - downlinks assigned to this one may simply be lost. TTN software doesn’t have any way to handle something that doesn’t have the capabilities that something registered as a gateway must have.

ST’s documentation says that this board is for evaluation only - it’s not a product intended for actual use.

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