Gateway ic980

Hello I’m trying to create a gateway following this tutorial: Home · ttn-zh/ic880a-gateway Wiki · GitHub
Is this too old for the new update? I have tried to connect the gateway but it shows as disconnected. I tried to upload a JSON file named as your gateway EUI (e.g. B827EBFFFE7B80CD.json) in the Gateway Remote Config repository (GitHub - ttn-zh/gateway-remote-config: Provides settings for TTN gateways that receive their settings automatically on start.) but nothing is happening. Also, What’s the difference between the remote configuration option and the local one?

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Have similar configurations in the form of e.g. iMST Lite GW, getting it onto V3 keeping UDP packet forwarder was easy - if you have similar config edit the local_config.json file associated with the active packet forwarder to simply change the target TTN server ( for EMEA), in my case IIRC it was in /opt/ttn-gateway/bin, if needed for your packet forwarder, swap the server key from current V2 version to a new one created in V3 (create API key - link as gateway… option) - basic ttn-zh/ iMST forwarder didn’t need one, tidy up any loose/un-needed lines in the code (I had none of issue in my basic iMST set up, vs some of my more complex Pi Based builds) and reboot - should be good to go (Make sure Require Authenticated Connection is unchecked in General Settings of GW’s V3 console)

Awesome, thank you so much!!! I will do that. Can you explain what the Gateway Remote Config repository is and how it works?