Gateway is active, but not shown on community map

Our gateway is receiving data without any interruption, and is shown on the owner’s page,

user page

However, the community page at shows 0 gateways:

community page

But the gateway was showing on the map for a few hours yesterday.

Following is the latest screen capture of the gateway traffic.
TTN Console

I see it live on your community page now it can take a while…

Note the data behind the overall map and the indivdual communities appears to be ‘scrapped’ and processed for display on a time interval and isnt live data, typically I see new GW’s taking anywhere from 30 mins to >12 hrs to get captured and displayed. Also I believe the underlying data is linked to the TTN Console which itself can prove unreliable with GW’s occationally showing offline of disappearing from display but still continuing to pass traffic just fine. If your GW is ‘offline’ at that time the data scrape happens that may mean it disappears from the map or may not appear unitil the next time the data is captured…inconvenient but nothing to get to stressed over (I must keep telling myself its nothing to get stressed over…I must keep telling myself its nothing to get too stressed over…I must…) :slight_smile:

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