Gateway is already to change Gateway EUI

Hello All…
I am new to LoRaWAN and looking to register a gateway…I have a SEEED WM1302 piggybacked onto a raspberry PI. I just received the WM1302 from Ebay as it was owned by someone. As I try to register the gateway according to SEEED instructions I get the TTN responding back that

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A gateway with EUI AA555A0000000000 is already registered (by you or someone else) as phc-smtch-gw

Can someone tell me how to get around this…guessing I need to change the EUI but I don’t know for sure and I also am not sure how to do this…
Thank you

Looks like gw with that ID ( phc-smtch-gw) was originally registered/deployed as being around 10-20km east of Toulouse France, may be worth contacting the eBay seller and asking them to delete from their console to free up - you can then register again with same EUI but your own choice of GW ID. Interestingly using that EUI it would seem another user @owenhsu shows as having a GW with the same EUI - GW ID eui- AA555A0000000000 listed - but that one is shows as having been connected to APAC TTN instance… ttn-router-asia-se under AS freq plan (old V2?). Perhaps these ship with a generic EUI that you have to change? What do the documents say?

Also I note given this looks like it may be EU868 (france), …or AS923 (apac)…and you look to be in US? (AtlanticBB or Breezeline client?) requiring US915? Am concerned if bought on eBay have you got the correct freq config device? - Unusual to find one device capable of all major TTN freq plans! :wink: I dont have direct experience with the SEEED product…

Yes I am in the US…Yes I have reached out to Seller (haven’t heard back yet)…Yes I picked NAM1 and US915(TTN) frequency plan…As this product is massed sold and the online directions show the EUI I am betting it is default…I just don’t know how to change this ? Is it as simple as going into the json and just creating a random EUI from a generator? (documents don’t really say much on changing EUI)

On the note of frequency of device…This is a US915 product

This has bit 1 of byte 0 set and bit 0 of byte 0 is not set so it’s a “locally administered address”. To back this up, there are no allocations in the registry for AA555A.

So it is safe to assume the EUI is a dummy that you can replace in the global_conf.json - you can get a free one here → Random EUI or Key generator

Please be aware that some bright spark decided to call the EUI an Id in the conf file and then another one decided to call the Id an Id in the console. The simplest thing is to register the gateway with an EUI as above and then download the global_conf.json file as it will have all the correct settings.

Assuming you are using a packet forwarder and not Basic Station.

Hello, I am with the same problem rigth now, How did you fix it?

Unfortunately many folk have a tendancy to forget that the Seeed Wiki/How to example is just that… an example and it is for each user to set up their own variant; to quote:

Take TTNv3 as an example, login TTNv3 console, click Go to gateways and click Add gateway, in the Add gateway page you will find dozens of settings to fill. What you need to focus on are Gateway EUI and Gateway Server address and Frequency plan, the others just leave it to the default.

  • Gateway EUI: A 64 bit extended unique identifier for your gateway, we set it to AA555A0000000000 in this wiki

The two points of emphasis (bold) are mine.

Sadly following stepwise often leads new users to use the SAME Eui - ‘AA55A0000…’ which of course isnt unique and then results in an error message saying that Eui has already been used (years ago and attempted many times since!)

Easiest solution is generate your own Eui from established principals(*) called out on the Forum (search) or just use the EUI generator linked in the message immediately above your post (you read that right?)

(*) As you are using a Pi as host simply take the MAC address of the Pi (can be found using the ifconfig command or simpy look at assigned IP’s on the router it is connected to. Generally advice is to use the ENET MAC address, rather than the WiFi MAC, though if using a Pi0w or Pi0W Rev 2 then obviously just use the WiFi MAC Address.

As often as not the Pi MAC will be of the form B827EBxxyyzz.

The trick is to use middle padding (FFFE) to get your EUI for TTN registration thus:


This is then the GW EUI used in Registration on TTN Console and will be set in your global_conf.json file on the device.

Note GW EUI =/= GW ID!

GW ID (per the tool tip on the console) is freeform text of your choosing to help you identify your GW. System may offer GW ID = eui-B827EBFFFExxyyzz that you can accept or overwrite as you see fit (within character restrictions!). So e.g. geekendzone-gw001 would work nicely :slight_smile: Be wary of deleting GW in future as GW ID is immutable and cant be reused (where the GW EUI can be). If changes needed simply edit details and save (other than GW ID of course!)

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Actually interesting that EUI belongs to a gateway in France, so don’t use it unless you are the Frenchman in the Bourg-Saint-Bernard area. :crazy_face:

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I had searched everywhere but couldn’t find any information on this topic. I understand that the EUI is a unique number and it was just an example in the wiki. However, as I couldn’t find any confirmation of your comment on how to generate an EUI, I was hesitant to make an irreversible change. But now, thanks to your clarification, I feel much more confident. I truly appreciate your help. Thank you so much!

Gateway EUI can be based on the MAC address of the Ethernet interface.
add FF:FE in the middle ( between first three and second three pairs ) and you are all set.

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How so an irreversible change? It’s a config file!

It didn’t say on the device, but on the platform, of course I’m new to LoRaWan and that’s where you register an IMEI, EUI or whatever and something there is always irreversible, hahha.

The Gateway ID isn’t recyclable if you choose to delete the gateway. But the ID is for your identification of it so it can be anything you like.

There is no operational reason for deleting a gateway, nothing in life is achieved by doing so, things go rapidly downhill seconds after thinking of doing it, doing it creates misery, these are not the droids you are looking for.

Nothing to see here people, move along, no gateways need be deleted today.

I just clicked delete to test… :sweat_smile: