Gateway is showing as disconnected in the console after new registration

Hi, i am using The Things Gateway (Kickstarter Gateway) former in V2 and now, after reseting the Gateway, i fullfiled the registration of a new gateway in V3 console. I dont get any errors during registration process and also generated an API key. But the gateway is shown as disconnected.


Have you checked the other topics on the forum concerning this subject? There are other users that experienced the same issue and documented how they resolved it.

i have checked a few topics in the forum and i fount a topic from you…

A gateway that points to V2 will never be listed as on-line in V3. For that you need to modify the gateway configuration on the gateway so it points to V3.

This is, so i assume why it is disconnected.
The gateway is still activated in V2 console, but i did a hardware reset on the Gateway and registered it with a new ID in V3.

How can i modify the things gateway that it points to V3?

There is that too all over the forum …