Gateway Location Incorrect in v3

My RAK7249 GW is registered on v3. I set the location manually on the V3 console.

  1. When I go to the GW shows but the altitude showing is not what I inputted into v3. The altitude is from the GW itself. The GW is set to public in v3. To reiterate the configuration in V3 is set to manual.

  2. I have followed the documentation for TTN Mapper for v3. The webhook is in, JSON objects for lat/long exist. But TTN Mapper shows nothing. I have checked in TTN Mapper using advanced maps with the end device id and GW ID.

Any ideas?

Was the GW previously registered in V2 Console & Map?

Yes and showed in maps perfectly. I did not migrate it but deleted and re-registered. The new registration in v3 occurred 12 days ago.

AFAIK TTN Map does not show V3 GW’s - yet! What you may be seeing could be the old V2 GW which will ‘age off’ the TTN Map after it is not seen for ~30 days. As you will appreciate the TTN Map and TTN Mapper are not the same thing, good to see you testing out @jpmeijers temporary webhook ‘fix’ for v3 on TTN Mapper until full integration and template in place. Perhaps he can advise on that side.

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Thanks for the update. Yes I understand the difference between maps and my need for patience during the v3 implementation. :smiley: