Gateway looks device but it can not joined


I prepared a LoRa Gateway using Dragino LoRa GPS HAT for RPi 3B+. This Gateway was set up using this method. And, I wrote ArduinoCore-stm32l0 to B-L072Z-LRWAN1.

I wrote a following code:

#include "LoRaWAN.h"

const char *devEui = "1111111111111111";
const char *appEui = "1111111111111111";
const char *appKey = "11111111111111111111111111111111";

void setup( void )
  // LoRaWAN.setADR(false);
  // LoRaWAN.setDataRate(1);
  // LoRaWAN.setTxPower(10);
  // LoRaWAN.setSubBand(2); // for TTN

  LoRaWAN.joinOTAA(appEui, appKey, devEui);

void loop( void )
    if (LoRaWAN.joined() && !LoRaWAN.busy())

Then, LoRaWAN.joined() does not become to 1. LoRaWAN.busy() is 0. So My device is not trying to send data. When I checked Gateway Overview, Status is “connected”, Last Seen is recurring the count every 30 seconds.

I tried to change Frequency Plan within Asia region, but the problem was not resolved. There are no mistakes in devEui/appEui/appKey.

What could this be caused by?

Thank you,

You are using a two channel gateway, which is not supported by TTN or this forum, to connect to a device that can transmit on 8 channels.

There may be other issues with configuring either faux-gateway or device with the correct response frequency & timing to allow the join accept to be received as well.

But we can’t help you with a two channel gateway setup. Please do not use it, it disrupts the other users in your area.

Are there any other gateways on the TTN map near to you?

Can you borrow or buy a full 8 channel gateway?

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That’s troubling. There is no gateway nearby.

Then these are the solutions

In this topic, This gateway appears to be working well.

I know this will be frustrating for you hear, but it is possible to make them work if you know what to change.

But as this is the TTN forum and we know that two channel gateways disrupt communications with devices that expect to use all 8 channels on the TTN, exactly the problem you are experiencing, we ask people to get a compliant gateway to work with.

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Ok, I understand. Thank you so much for your advice.

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