Gateway not configured (Browan MiniHub Pro Indoor - 868 Mhz)

Hello i bought a Browan MiniHub Pro Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway - 868 Mhz here in the store.
I enter the gateway configuration, it connects to my router ( i see it in whos is connected) but the RED led blinks and not pass to GREEN.
I notice that tha webpage of the gateway has an old aspect not the same that is in sthe guide in the other indoor gateway not so expensive.
How can i solve this?

Which, as per the manual, is that it is still in AP mode. Once you’ve given it the WiFi credentials you have to click on the Save & Reboot button on the page.

hI @descartes the problem is that the gateway… i need to changed everything by hand… fequency, server lora OTAA configuration etc… Now is working.
Thanks for the answer.

Would you mind sharing that configuration? I’ve been trying with different configurations but i can´t make it work, i’d really appreciate it…

Do you mean a TTIG - as in a TTI/TTN branded unit?

If so there are no different configurations for us to set - as long as you have one for the correct region/frequency and you have followed the instructions for installation, it will automagically configure.

If not, you’ll need to tell us far more detail of what you mean by “trying different configurations” to be able to give any meaningful response. Plus where you have got up to - have you got it on to your WiFi, what colour(s) are the LED and so forth.

The basic Browan Minihub = OEM build of TTIG, The Minihub Pro has (IIRC) a slightly more powerfull MCU (ESP family also), even so we need the details you ask from @agrotamerica before we can help further… also similar config IIRC :slight_smile:

Regardless of all the channel plan options, if the EUI / Id is set and the network isn’t blocking the connection to the servers, you should see a “heart-beat” in the activity section.

Where did you get the EUI from? Why does the screen shot show a Gateway ID that is different? How many posts on this forum explain that the words vendors use do not always match the right words?

Really? The whole point of Basic Station is you give it the right credentials and the server does the configuration for you.

Perhaps you need to read more around the subject & research the concepts.

This is where i got the EUI, once i enter AP mode on the gateway…

And this is where i got the gateway ID


Now the ID shown matches the id i got from the AP mode


The gateway is ON with the LED steady green but no changes on the console

This - for PF mode it is typical that the EUI is called ID.

You are currently using the BS EUI with the PF setup.

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Yes! That seemed to be the problem, it is working now, I just registered my gateway using the ID shown in the AP mode as PF, just set that on the EUI part on The things Network and it gave me signals of connection.

I jus had to change the channels cause the ones it has from default didn´t work here…

Everything is working now and I see exchange of packages

Thank you!

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