Gateway not configured (Browan MiniHub Pro Indoor - 868 Mhz)

Hello i bought a Browan MiniHub Pro Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway - 868 Mhz here in the store.
I enter the gateway configuration, it connects to my router ( i see it in whos is connected) but the RED led blinks and not pass to GREEN.
I notice that tha webpage of the gateway has an old aspect not the same that is in sthe guide in the other indoor gateway not so expensive.
How can i solve this?

Which, as per the manual, is that it is still in AP mode. Once you’ve given it the WiFi credentials you have to click on the Save & Reboot button on the page.

hI @descartes the problem is that the gateway… i need to changed everything by hand… fequency, server lora OTAA configuration etc… Now is working.
Thanks for the answer.