Gateway not seen for several minutes

Dear all,

in recent days my gateway is frequently unavailable for several minutes. It says “last seen 8 minutes ago” in console. The gateway (RPI + IC880a + was not changed.

Is this a perfrormance/stability issue with TTN or do I need to update the gateway to a more stable version?

Best regards, Niels

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This is a TTN issue. Al my gateways running the semtech packet forwarder suffer from the same issue.


Thank you!

I can confirm: Same here.

I have this problem as well (Rasp Pi + RAK 831, ttn-router-eu).
Using sudo tcpdump -AUq port 1700 I can confirm that the GW packet forwarder is sending UDP every 30s, but quite often the TTN GW console ‘last seen’ does not react and keeps counting up to some minutes.
I have also the impression (but not systematically tested yet) that node uplinks are lost in this way, that is, they are received and forwarded by GW but not shown in the console.

I can confirm that during the time the gateway is „not seen“ uplink packets are lost.