Gateway receives data but application doesn't


I’ve seen that there have been many identical topics over the time but I still haven’t managed to come up with a solution.

Is it something that fixes itself?
I have configured a brand new device just to make sure but the results are the same. The gateway (Sentrius RG1xx) receives all the messages sent by my device (RN2483 module) but my application (TTN) misses a few every now and then. eg it has missed the last 2 out of 4 with a send rate of 15minutes.

The previous device was working perfectly for more than 6 months. Until yesterday.

The data are then fed to a webhook where there too I have the same missing packets. (someone mentioned this in a similar post)

from my gateway:

I have tried with both the Semtech and TTN forwarders with the same results.


Ok this has been happening since yesterday but I now realized that the packets that were not passed through the application were in channels other than 0,1 or 2.
So i disabled all other channels 3-15 and now everything seems to be working as before.
Could this be the culprit?

What should I do with the rest channels (3-15), keep them disabled?
Which one should be the downlink one?


Are you using ABP? In that case you should add all preprogrammed frequencies used by your device to the device configuration in the TTN console. Or better, switch to OTAA.

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Yes I am using ABP. Will add the frequencies in TTN.
I will check in Microchip’s forums about the rest of the channels:

OTAA is in future plans.

thanks kersing

For the channels please check the TTN frequency plan as that is what gateways use to tune the receivers.

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