Gateway Server Addresses - only EU1 listed

Why my server address only have eu1 options and not other cluster. When i open the things stack i chose the au1 cluster since i’m from malaysia but in my dragino setup it only have eu1 and not the other cluster. How do i fix this ? Is there any problem if i use the eu1 server address?

The screenshot looks to be from the gateway web interface, any questions regarding that are better asked at the manufacturer forum as they are responsible for the gateway firmware.

Given your location au1 is the one to go for. Using eu1 will incur too much network delay as well as make the gateway unusable for other TTN users near the gateway.

  1. Which model of GW do you have? Is it configured for EU868 as a build or do you have a version supporting e.g. AU915 or AS923 or others?
  2. Does the drop down menu for the server address not offer others?
  3. Which firmware build is on the GW? A later version may offer you alternate options if you are running on an old release?! You will need to follow the Dragino instructions and reflash :wink:
  1. I use dragino dlos8, my version of gateway support AS923
  2. Yup it only offer eu1 options
  3. this is the firmware of the gateway: lgw-5.4.1614945073

And have you tried overtyping au1. …in the server address window?

Thats just a number to me… are later ones available:

So you ordered DLOS8-915, not DLOS8-868 version and that is confirmed as the model actually delivered? (Have experienced mis-ships in the past where wrong freq version of a GW (not Dragino in those cases!) was actually sent out. :man_shrugging: :slight_smile: