Gateway showing as "not connected"

Everything has been fine for weeks now with my gateway. Yesterday it started showing as being offline. It works fine, packets from my end devices make it to my application fine. The applications and devices parts of the console seem to be working as they should. It’s just the gateways portion. I rebooted my gateway, but that didn’t change anything. I don’t see anything unusual in the system log files.

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In the same boat for a couple days now…


On Slack, @Johan wrote on Saturday:

Indeed it’s the network monitoring that’s having issues, not the routing

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It seems to be fixed now. :slight_smile: Now, if I could only get my gateway mounted outside.

This experience happened to me as well a couple days ago.

I’m seeing a similar problem, two gateways showing in the console as not connected, not seen for 16 hours? but traffic is getting through just fine, so it appears that there is something broken in the console monitoring code.

Also, the console seems to crash after a time, when monitoring traffic. Although that’s not a new thing, the “not connected” issue is new.

I trust that this is the correct section for posting this issue, if not can someone point me to the correct area.

Slack channel

but realise that 99.9% of this type of problems are allready noticed by TTI

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not on the TTN slack. So I can’t see that message. I tried to register, but since I don’t know who the TTN workspace admin is, or how to contact them. It’s not going to be much help.

Is there some way of seeing slack workspace messages? Are they mirrored anywhere?

I infer from your comment and a link to what appears to be a specific message, that
this is a known bug?

Use “request Slack invite” on

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