Gateway showing not connected on ttn gateway page suddenly

I am using LG01-N Dragino gateway. I was using this to collect data from LoRa Arduino shield. I was just using it yesterday. But when I started using it today, it is showing not connected. I do not know why. Please help me.Screenshot (85) .

This is a single channel gateway that whilst appearing to work, is not supported by the TTN community as it disrupts the network. Please disconnect it immediately.

But Sir, I have been using it from past month. I was getting all the data on gateway page.

It doesn’t matter, they are not LoRaWAN compliant so we do not support them on this forum and because devices that are LoRaWAN compliant use any of 8 channels, you will be blocking transmissions from other peoples nodes and as we are a community network, this is not a good thing.

Search the forum for further examples - each time we say the same thing.

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Ok. I will disconeect it immediately.

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Thank you. You will see on the Dragino website that they have started putting warnings about their single-channel products.

You can still use it in peer to peer mode.

Peer to peer mode in the sense? Can you explain?

A LoRa radio talking directly to one or more other LoRa radio’s without using LoRaWAN - so you could program what is called a single channel gateway to act as a node that could relay messages received to a server. The Dragino documentation points the way …

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As Nick highlights sadly a regular/common problem usually on a device by device problem basis…sadly logged into console this morning and ALL my personal GWs (>>30) showing not connected on GW summary page… not sure yet if just me or a wider problem - havent had chance to check Slack Ops channel yet - anyone live on there seeing reported problems?