Gateway shows disconnected receives data from one out of six sensors

Hi all, i run an application on the things stack community which holds 6 sensors and one self build ttn raspberry pi based gateway (ic880). I have 4 Dragino LHT65 and Two RAK7204 sensors in that app. For some reason the things stack says that my gateway and 5 of my sensors ( all lhts and one rak) are disconnected BUT one rak is sending data and the things stack forwards it successfully to my azure cloud system i have set up. all the data from the other sensors seems to be blocked, the last active says : yesterday. The sensors have a functioning powersupply and seem to work if you push their act button to create a measurement - but seem not to send it to the the things network. they where configured to send a data message every 10 to 20 minutes.
did anybody expericed similar issues?
worked pretty fine till yesterday

best regards Paul

The odd functioning sensor is likely in range of another gw or is using a higher sf that allows it to be picked up…have you checked the metadata for that devices messages to see which gw hears it?

If is not your gw and your gw is therefore genuinely offline my 1st step would be to get that fixed so it can then be used to help debug the other sensors problems….

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Yes there is a singel channel gateway in the neigbourhood. That with the meta data is a good idea i will check that - thanks for the tip.

If you know who runs it then please ask them to disconnect it ASAP as it will be causing issues for you and other TTN users.

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I managed to switch of the sc gateway and it looks like that i am up and running again. also cool and interessting insigths of the meta data: the one node that was still sending ( or lets say reaching a gateway, the otherones where not reaching a gw ) switched between two gateways. one is pretty close to my location ( 1,63km) and one was 44,1 km away. for the far one i checked the coordinates in google earth and i have a direct line of sight to that gw, seems like mounted on a church tower or so in another county :slight_smile: - thats cool :slight_smile:

thx for all your tips and hints!

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