Gateway status is disconnected, despite that all seems ready to work

I followed all the steps to create my LoRa gateway whith the RAK7243 kit (without lte board) but the gateway do not appear connected on the TTS… However, the gateway has access to internet (i pinged several url), and all the verifications have been done perfectly…
Two things to know nevertheless, the firmware is on a usb key (most of tutorials use micro sd card) and I have an error on time reference (see the image).

I am a begineer, I already looked a lot of topics but no one helped me to solve my problem…

thank you for your help ! <3


It’s not actually clear that anything is actually “wrong” here.

GPS and GPS time reference errors are to be expected unless your gateway actually has a GPS that’s fully connected, supported by the software, has an antenna, and a good view of the sky. GPS is pretty optional.

The real question would be if you have any nodes transmitting within range of the gateway. The summary report in your log excerpt shows no uplinks received in that particularly small slice of time.

The presence of a “PULL_ACK” in your log excerpt indicates the gateway is in contact with something hopefully the particular server infrastructure you want and not some other.

There’s a longstanding known detail that the gateway online stats are based more on having submitted actual signal heard reports, than on merely being connected.

You’re right thank you, the server adress wasnn’t the good one, it was just that… However it was the default adress writed in the firmware, but TTN changed their adress since few months, I just see that on the homepage… Thank you again Monsieur !

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