Gateway status not updating - but passing traffic

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I’ve had a gateway registered and tested a few months ago then it spent a few months back in the box with the client and it has just been installed.

I see bi-directional status from the packet forwarder log AND data from end nodes via their application.

But the gateway status page in TTN v2 gateway console has not updated.

Double checked EUI etc.

It is stuck on the “last seen” and counters from the few days it spent in the office being commissioned.

Is it safe to delete and re-create with the same EUI?



The gateway status not being reliable is a known issue. Just ignore the status for now.

Never delete a gateway if you need to recreate it with the same EUI on the same cluster as that is not possible.

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Thank you.
It seems I can poll it with the NOC API just to check if I need to.