Gateway status receive excessive snapshot

the gateway receives this message every 30", what is happening please ?

Receive gateway status Metrics txin0txok0rxin0rxok0rxfw0ackr0 Versions ttn-lw-gateway-server"3.29.1-rc0-SNAPSHOT …

Assume you are looking in the TTN GW Console page - and that isnt the GW receiving a message it is the GW sending a status message to the TTN LNS telling it it is alive, and able to handle messages should the LNS choose to send messages down to nodes via that route…

Note default (and prefered) status update rate/keep alive is 30sec.

gt message every second see image what is the parameter to limit these messages to modification?

Nope per your OP every 30sec - that is correct… what is the problem here? Everything looks normal!

See below similar pic for one of my GW’s

ok Jeff, thank you,
I understand that it’s normal, is there a possibility to filter these messages that are useless in the end ?

Status messages are indispensable for the network server, so filtering them between gateway and NS will break things.
If you want to an option to filter them in the TTN console you need to file a feature request on GitHub.

Ok thanks