Gateway SX 1262


I would like to get into ttn.
I bought 2 ttgo t-beam for the sensors and an SX1262 module for the raspberry ( in order to make the gateway.

Despite all my research and testing, I can’t connect it to ttn. It always appears offline.

Does it work with the SX1262? Can you help me?

Thanking you,

An sx1262 can not be used to create a LoRaWAN compatible gateway. You need a LoRaWAN compliant concentrator board for that purpose. Or (cheaper) get yourself a TTIG.

Thank you for your reply.
Okay. Too bad.
Can I use it to make a device?

Yes, but you will need to keep the load on your Pi to a minimum when it is active so that it can meet it’s timing deadlines.

Thank for your answer.
With a TTGO T-BEAM, can i do a gateway ?

Absolutely not - it only has a single radio chip and a gateway has the equivalent of eight.

You may see software that claims it can make a gateway, but it’s not and it causes all sorts of problems.

Okay I see.
What can you advise me as a gateway? Not too expensive ?

TTIG or Dragino LIG16 - search the forum for recent posts.

Thanks !