Gateway under a new login

(Ciaran Doyle) #1

Hi, if someone can help me with the issue I’m having that’d be great.
I’m trying to connect a Multitech gateway to TTN. The problem is, it’s already connected under a login that someone else had, but is out of use, and I can’t get the username and password.
What I’ve done is create a new account (CiaranDoyle) and a new gateway there. Then (over ssh) I copied the Gateway key and entered it in the LoRa Gateway configuration of the gateway.
The gateway is still appearing on the map as “IMaR Multitech Gateway”. At the same time, the status of the new gateway name I’ve created (“IMaR Multitech 2019”) is not connected and Last Seen is blank.

(Ciaran Doyle) #2

I tried installing a new packet forwarder, following this (no joy):

(Ciaran Doyle) #3

I did that because I keep getting
ERROR: [TTN] Connection to server “” failed, retry in 120 seconds

(Jac Kersing) #4

Make sure you can connect to port 1883 using TCP. If that works check gateway name and key match TTN values. You could attempt to use your values to connect with an MQTT client (to the host and port listed above) to make sure you are using the right values.

(Ciaran Doyle) #5

Sorted, thanks.