Gateway wan't connect

Hello everybody,
I’m new to LoRaWAN technology, trying to move ahead step by step.
I built a Gateway based on a Rpi3B+ with single channel packet forwarder firmware and a dragino HAT Lora module. I tried to follow the on-line tutorial to connect it to TTN server , but without success. The gateway can’t connect. Thanks for help!

SCPF & DCPF’s are deprecated and have not been supported on TTN for many years. We use LoRaWAN which requires a full Gateway (min 8 channel + full SF suite). Please disconnect this from the network and do not attempt again…disruptive to other users and will be a challenge for you to use other than intermittently. Go get a full gateway (or replacement full LoRaWAN concentrator HAT/interface board) and try again then.

Ok, it is disconnected and has never been connected!!

Is RAK2247 LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module suitable?

Yes, with a suitable mPCIe interposer board for the Pi :slight_smile:

Would recommend SPI vs USB version…the 5146 is another alternate (SX1303 based)

mPCIe interposer board? What is it?

Something like this

Note this is for the 2287 or the 5146 - not sure if ok with the 2247

Alternatively look at the RAK2245 RPi HAT
RAK2245 Pi HAT Edition | Fully Functional LoRa Gateway Concentrator Module – RAKwireless Store - a concentrator on a RPi 40pin connector directly.

Thanks a lot for the leads.

Last question; is the frequency 433 MHz still available for LoRa in Europe?

Yes, but not supported on TTN or most other networks…you need EU868; if in Europe…and of course your nodes to to match choice…