Gateway was once connected but now it shows not connected


i had created a Gatetway using the RPI and it was sucessfully registered in the Console. I did some tests and it yielded good results. screenshot of it is shown below.


after 6 hours when i desired to see the the gateway status, it’s showing not connected.


so my questions are:

  1. what is the reason behind showing connected for sometime and then not connected ?
  2. It is normal, can happen to anyone. Will be connected in a while so no need to worry about it ?

could anyone please clear my doubts?
thank you in advance.


is your gateway still sending packets to the TTN?

If no, is the gateway “connected” again after restarting the ttn-gateway service?

I’m asking, because we experience this behavior on our gateways after (even short) network glitches.

We built our gateways according to these great instructions.

I found this bug report which might or might not apply. The bug is closed but I can’t tell if the bug was fixed or not. I still have to dig deeper…

Currently we check the status and reset the service if necessary - which is not optimal :slight_smile:

Any hints appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @JoergHennig

yeah my gateway is sending packets to the TTN now. What i knew is that, sometimes it shows not connected but we don’t need to panic on that. It will again show connected as soon as we start sending the data to the gateway. Also if we turn off the gateway for long time(More than hour) it goes to the not connected status. so the bottom line is that once you accomplish the task of making a successful gateway connection, you did the main part. And talking about the status of the gateway, whenever it is powered on it shows connected status and if the gateway is turned off for longer time it shows not connected but it will operate as connected status as soon as you turn On and start sending the data.

It also depends on which gateway software / packet forwarder you use.

My experience with my own Raspberry Pi (2 and 3 with RAK concentrator boards) gateways is that when connected via Wifi, regularly - once every (few) week(s) - hangups occur causing the gateway not to been seen on the backend anymore (showing up in the console as not connected). This will probably also depend on the Wifi signal quality and strength so your mileage may vary.
When these hangups occur, then most often trying to restart the gateway deamon either fails or does not result in fixing the problem. Rebooting the gateway has shown to be the only reliable solution that always worked.

When I wire one of these gateways to the network via ethernet cable then the frequent hangups do not occur (only once every few months, but that may have a different cause).

In my case it gets disconnected from the console after the 1 hour of the inactivity(Even though the gateway is kept powered ON with Ethernet cable plugged in).

I am using the semtech packet forwarder. can you tell which part is creating all this, may be i can correct it.

Sorry, I cannot.

For my gateways I use the Multi Protocol Packet Forwarder using this Setup Procedure.

@bluejedi, my gateways are all connected by wire, all Raspi 3B+ with all other wireless connectivity disabled. But we see this issue if, for example, you shortly unplug the ethernet cable or even if the upstream router gets rebooted (with Rapsi Ethernet “up” all time). Funny to note that there seems to be no error message in the syslog. Our statistics still show CRC_OK packets. Just restarting the service is enough to regain connectivity. Would be happy to write a script to restart the service as a work around. But I don’t know where to look for a trigger. Looks like I have to dig deeper. I’ll let you know what I’ll find.

@redarmee, yes, I’ve seen this, too (= “not connected” but working fine) normally with status restored after some time. Might be something TTN internal. In our case we decided to ignored it :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem and mine was caused by the LoRa board and the RPi over heating. My setup had my Pi in a case. It looked like it was working, but it was not. I added heat sinks to the chips that were excessively hot and a fan.

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