Gateways: TTNV2 or TTNV3

Hello All,

I see the metadata below coming in from my Lora Sensors in the field and wonder if the reference to a ttnv2 gateway (see below) might be the reason I have some anomalies. Specifically my sensors do not respond to downlink commands but they used to respond before I moved them to TTN V3.

Any thoughts on whether the metadata is reporting a V2 gateway and if so, are the gateways upgradeable?


     "forwarder_tenant_id": "ttnv2",
       "forwarder_cluster_id": "ttn-v2-eu-4",


“gateway_ids”: {
“gateway_id”: “packetbroker”
“packet_broker”: {
“message_id”: “01FFF3W3KT579T1E1P3C3RX4A3”,
“forwarder_net_id”: “000013”,
“forwarder_tenant_id”: “ttnv2”,
“forwarder_cluster_id”: “ttn-v2-eu-4”,
“forwarder_gateway_eui”: “323433363F005900”,
“forwarder_gateway_id”: “eui-323433363f005900”,
“home_network_net_id”: “000013”,
“home_network_tenant_id”: “ttn”,
“home_network_cluster_id”: “ttn-eu1”
“rssi”: -115,
“channel_rssi”: -115,
“snr”: -7,
“location”: {
“latitude”: 53.33384823,
“longitude”: -1.69860168

A V2 gateway should work for V3 devices, but you can easily move your gateways to V3.

V3 uses an RX1 delay of 5 seconds, which is different than the RX1 delay of 1 second on V2. This could be the cause for downlinks not working. If you let your devices rejoin the network, the network should instruct them to use an RX1 of 5s. If joins are successful, downlinks are working.

If you can’t perform a rejoin, there should be a way to instruct V3 to use an RX1 delay of 1 second using ttn-lw-cli, to try and see if this is indeed the issue. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact commands, but ttn-lw-cli’s help should say how.

When you migrated your devices from V2 to V3, did you let them rejoin, or did you migrate the session?

What kind of devices are these? Perhaps their firmware has RX1 fixed to 1s.

Hi, Thank you for your comments.

I actually created all the sensors in V3, did not migrate them but the gateways are still V2.

Would it be smart to upgrade the two gateways I am accessing to V3? It sounds like it might.

Yes I would say upgrading the gateways is a good idea. At least that’s one variable less we have too look at then. And if the devices start receiving downlinks after the upgrade, please let us know here so we know next time someone has the same problem.

Hi JP,

Yes, I will follow up on that and let you know if it fixes the issues I have seen.