Gateways (x4) not appearing on map

We have four gateways which are not appearing on the map:

  • eui-008000000000c4c8 (Heptonstall)
  • eui-00800000a00009a7 (Tenterfields)
  • eui-00800000a00009a9 (Hebble End)
  • eui-00800000a0000eaf (Wainhouse Tower)

All are connected fine and forwarding traffic. Tried deleting and recreating, to no avail.

Any ideas?

EDIT: wondering if it’s related to:

Gateway disappeared on the map

@dodo @htdvisser ?

Hi Andrew,

I fixed it, can you check ?


Hi Dorian,

Brilliant, thanks!

Does this mean gateways using the legacy protocol may need to be manually added now (seemed OK with MP forwarder)? Or was it just temporary glitch?



I noticed that the Wainhouse Tower gateway (eui-00800000a0000eaf) isn’t appearing on TTN mapper anymore. Is it having the same problem again? I’m receiving packets via this gateway so it seems to be up and running.