Gelnhausen und MKK - Main-Kinzig-Kreis

Für den Start in der Region Gelnhausen und Main-Kinzig-Kreis haben eine Community gegründet.
Das erste Gateway soll ein TTN Indoor-Gateway werden.
Leider verzögert sich die Lieferung seitens RS von Woche zu Woche.

Wenn bis Ende Juli noch keine Lieferung möglich ist, werden wir nach einer Alternativen ausschau halten.

Hi walter_nix,

We use English on the forum so please post in English.

Unfortunately delivery of TTIG appears delayed but for issues with a distributor you should contact the distributor directly.

If you don’t have the time to wait for TTIG as first gateway for your community there luckily is a wealth of currently available LoRaWAN gateways that can also be used indoors.

For a community it might be a nice challenge and good learning experience to build the first gateway yourself. For instance a Raspberry Pi based gateway with RAK2243(RAK2245) or RAKRAK831 LoRaWAN concentrator board.

A Raspberry Pi based gateway actually requires very little ‘building’ and installation of the required gateway software is already described in several places on the forum. e.g.:

The hard RAK831 cafe part 3 (also check parts 1 and 2).

Hi bluejedi,

thank you for your answhere.
I prefere to write in german for ouer local community, because not all persons which like to share the community in Gelnhausen are able to understand the english language.
I hope this is no problem?

For technical communication with other communities and teh support we will us english.

I can understand but we have the following policy (see FAQ) on the forum:

To keep the information available to everyone, all discussions will be in English.

Therefore posts should be in the English language.

You can consider providing the content twice (in one message), once in German and once in English if that helps those not fluent in English.

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gefällt mir.

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Thank You
Vielen Dank