General question about gateway

I am new here and new with this technology IoT.
I would like to ask about getaway.

If I have a LoRa sensor and I want to connect it to internet so i must install LoRaWAN gateway or another type of gateway for example TTIG, TTOG, Helium gateway or are there a pacific gateway should i use. (I am trying to understand what i did read for a few days).

I have another question, or I want to make sure about it. If I have sensor with Sim-Card support NB-IoT, so i do not need to install gateway here because I can connect directly to internet. Is it right?

Last question about gateway: -if I going to install gateway in a place so should I ADD this gateway in a platform (I am talking about any type of platform for example ThingsBoard, The Things Network or another type of platform).

Sensors on devices connect to the LoRaWAN server. The gateway hears radio signals and passes it on to the server. So you need a gateway of which there are brand names, like Nike or Pepsi and model names, like TTIG or TTOG

Helium is another LoRaWAN network and is not discussed on here. NT-IoT is not LoRaWAN and is not discussed on here.

You add a gateway to a LoRaWAN server. You then ask that server to send the data to a ‘platform’ like ThingsBoard. The Things Network is the LoRaWAN server.

You will probably find you have a better understanding if you consume ALL of this:

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I am trying to understand what you wrote!

1- Device(sensor) connect to gateway (e.g brand names, like Nike and model names, like TTOG). And then this gateway going to connect to LoRaWAN (server). Device(sensor) sends radio signals to gateway (e.g Nike, TTOG) and passes it on to the LoRaWAN (server). Lastly LoRaWAN (server) sends to a platform as The Things Network. Is it right?

2- The Things Network runs The Things Stack Community Edition. It is explaining the LoRaWAN server here. So, add I am a gateway to a LoRaWAN server. It means that I add a gateway to a The Things Stack Community Edition. Is it right?

Thank you alot…

No, devices transmit radio signals, gateways hear radio signals. Devices do not connect to a gateway nor can the “send” radio signals to a gateway - they transmit in the air (like shouting to no one in particular), if a gateway is close enough, it will hear - there is no directionality or connection at all.


The Things Network IS the LoRaWAN server.

Almost. The Things Industries runs a copy of The Things Stack for the benefit of the world wide community of users known as The Things Network - that version of TTS is called TTS Community Edition - there is also the Open Source edition (if you want to host your own server) and there is the commercial version, each with slightly different features.

Yes, you buy a gateway and add it to the TTS CE on the gateway page.

And you buy a device and add it to the TTS CE on an application for your project.

I think you need to re-visit the as you’ve managed to make it more complicated than LoRaWAN is already! And you are definitely in the zone where doing it will help with understanding far more than too much reading.

Once you get a device & a gateway (a TTIG is a simple device) the docs will run you step by step through the process. If you get stuck, we are here to help.

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You are amazing. I really appreciate it!
If I have a question about Helium server, NB-IoT or other technology where should I ask these questions?

On their respective Fora/Forums! This forum is dedicated to the use of TTN & LoraWAN and is funded by TTI for that purpose and to assist users using TTS inits various releases. We do have specific threads covering generic topics that may be of interest to our Forumites or for education and comparatives (search) but do not provide space for support of other networks or technology types. e.g. Helium has its own forum and Discourse infrastructure as do some of the suppliers to that eco-system. GIYF :slight_smile:

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