General rules on OTAA

(Smbunn) #1

I am unclear on OTAA versus ABP.

I understood with ABP that the device had to be created in the gateway (register the device) . You receive a Device ID from the person who wants to join your gateway and then run ‘add device to an application’ where this creates the Dev EUI, App Session Key and Network Session Key which you email back to them and they have to hard code into their LoRa node device.

  • Will any application you create do?
  • Are all applications created equal?
  • Should you have different applications for your own and third party devices?
  • What is the difference between all of the router IDs? i.e. should I choose something called a meshed-router based in Australia or a ttn-router-eu because it has the name ‘router’, are they different?

But with OTAA I thought nothing would be required, the gateway would just relay join requests to some remote handler (Meshed-router whcih is which does all of the authentication?

To be honest I don’t want to be contacted and have to hand-enter every device anyone ever wants to put thru my gateway. I also don’t want to have to register my device with every gateway in the country one-by-one so that I can roam with it.

Can someone explain how OTAA works and especially how to set up a TTN gateway to permit OTAA without human intervention.




(Jac Kersing) #3

No, you register a device with a network like TTN. Any gateway for that network that receives data will forward it to the central infra for the network and the central infra will provide the data to the owner of the application associated with the device.

Devices do not join a gateway. That is WiFi speak. The device joins the network.

Anyone can create an account and application with TTN. Not only gateway owners. So there is no need for you to register the device, the owner can do this themselves. Your gateway just receives broadcast-ed radio signals and if those signals form a LoRaWAN packet that packet will be sent to the central TTN infrastructure.

I hope from the above you understand you do not need to create applications for third party devices. They should create their own applications.

The router IDs translate to locations. EU is for Europe so if you are in AU it would be a long way away (in networking terms) making communication slow. Meshed is in Australia so near for AU users and fast communications.

And you don’t. Again, the device is registered to the network, not to individual gateways. And the owner/user of the device can register it themselves to the network.

There is no special setup for OTAA. You just need to configure your gateway to talk to the nearest router, TTN takes care of everything else.

(Smbunn) #4

What a great and detailed answer. Thanks so much

That cleared up a lot for me.