Genereal questions about LORAWAN gateways

Dear friends, I have general questions about lora(loraWAN):

  1. should lora gateway transmit GPS coordinates to network-server without connected devices?
  2. should lora gateway transmit LORAWAN frames to network-server without connected devices?
  1. No - GPS is optional - not all LoRaWAN GW’s even have an internal GPS receiver capability, and many that do the users dont bother connecting the antenna/receiver. In the case of TTN you can set a location for the GW in the console, its good practice to make location public so other users know a GW is present in that location. If you are concerned about security of GW or remotely deployed unit then it is acceptable practice to dither the real location by a few meters to avoid potential theft/vandalism. This is one reason many users avoid GPS on board.

  2. for both 1) & 2) need to be careful with choice of words…devices do not connect to a gateway, rather they connect to a network…in our case the TTN Network Server, so if no network connected devices in range of a given gateway then it will obviously not send LoRaWAN messages, for practical reasons however the gw will still need to to send IP messages depending on protocol used, these could be keep alives for the IP connection between the GW and the NS back end - websockets connection, GW status information, etc. The NS needs to know quite regularly & frequently that a GW is still ‘there’ and available to route messages otherwise it will assume it has gone offline and will route around it using other GW’s potentially in range of a given node. For TTN we typically have status messages sent up from GW’s every 30 secs. This can be pushed to say 1 min but longer han that if the 'net looses a few status messages it is easy for the NW to assume the GW has disappeared… if you look at the GW console live data page you should see these messages coming through from any GW’s you own.

@Jeff-UK , thanks for explanations :slight_smile:

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