Generic LoRaWAN based End Nodes and Gateway suggestion


  1. Can one please suggest me the End Nodes based on LoRaWAN Protocol and which are able to communicate via point to point and which can able to connect to LoRaGateway.

  2. The main thing is that End nodes should able to communicate with each other and also able to can connect to LoRAWAN Gateway.

  3. The End Nodes and Gateway must be Generic
    Can LPS8 LoRaWAN Gateway is Generic, can it able to connect to any end nodes which are LoRaWAN based Protocol?

Please can anyone suggest to me.

  1. If they are LoraWan based, they will not communicate point-to-point.
  2. You might be able to program -by yourself- nodes that sends either through LoRaWAN or through your own protocol. No one does this, as far as I know, because fundamentally there is no need for such thing.
  3. What do you mean for generic? All LoRaWAN gateways are able to communicate con LoRaWAN nodes, provided they are on the same frequency set.

UDLoRA Thanks for fast the reply

  1. I am using E32-868T20D from Ebyte which is UART based LoRa end node which is able to communicate point to point.

  2. As per the Technical support team mentioned, this end node is based on LoRaWAN, can this end node able to connect to the Gateway?

  3. What do you mean for generic? Meas if the Develop my own gateway the end node must be able to communicate to that gateway.
    (As far as i know, there must be the same frequency on both sides.)

can anyone suggest to me to buy the End nodes and gateways

Then you are stuck with point to point. These devices do not, as far as I am aware, support LoRaWAN use.


Any LoRaWAN compatible end node will be able to send data to and receive data from a LoRaWAN compatible gateway if both use the same channel plan (set of frequencies).
Using a gateway for both LoRaWAN and Lora is not something people on this forum have experience with or if they have shared it.

Buy LoRaWAN equipment suited for your region and you can use it with TTN.
Dragino has a lineup of both nodes and gateways, check they are LoRaWAN and not Lora like the lg01/LG02.

Thanks for the reply Jac kersing.
can anyone suggest LoRa End node because I am confused to select the LoRaWAn end node that compatible with LSP8 LoRaWAN Gateway?

Any LoRaWAN node. It also depends what you have to do; Jac suggested to look at Dragino nodes, for example, but you can look also at

Not any LoRaWAN node of course but any LoRaWAN node that is suited for the same ISM frequency band.

Node and gateway must be suited for the same ISM frequency band (e.g. for Europe that is eu868).
You cannot use gateways and nodes for all frequency bands. Different regions use different ISM bands which requires different hardware so buy the hardware made for the ISM band that is used for LoRaWAN in your region.

@bluejedi: yes, I said that in the very first answer. The OP never told where he/she is from.

The Grasshopper development board and its associated software stack, for example, can send LoRaWAN messages to a LoRaWAN-compatible gateway as well as use the SX1276 radio modem for point-to-point Tx/Rx using LoRa radio or FSK protocols between two or more Grasshoppers. Not sure why any generic LoRaWan end node couldn’t do the same is properly supported in software.

Indeed any LoRa tranceiver should be able to do LoRa point to point communication as well as LoRaWAN because it is the software that implements higher level protocols like LoRaWAN.

And of course it cannot do both concurrently.

LIke LoRaWAN point to point will also require some higher level protocol.

This combination of technologies is probably already used somewhere.
Possibly by users of Pycom products with their LoRa mesh network.

You wont find much information about point to point on this forum because The Things Network is about LoRaWAN and not about point to point LoRa communication.

  1. LPS8 Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway Can I use this Gateway to connect to LoRa End node Based on LoRaWAN Protocol.

  2. can we connect this Gateway to our local server\ cloud other then TTN cloud.

3.To add a LoRaWAN End Device to LoRaWan Gateway should this code are necessary
if i a using my local server

  1. DEV EUI
  2. APP EUI
  3. APP Key

The product documentation is very clear that this is an 8-channel LoRaWAN gateway.
It also shows how it can be connected to The Things Network.
If you want to know if it can connect to other LoRaWAN networks and private local networks consult the supplier and read the product documentation.

We are not supporting third party private LoRaWAN networks on this forum.

To clarify your need, can you give us more information on your intended use and the country or region you are in?

If you only want a point to point link for one or two devices (nodes) to communicate with your server, that’s one situation.
If you plan to deploy several nodes around the country, that becomes a WAN. LoRaWAN (with TTN) would be a candidate, subject to the amount of data and whether Gateways can hear your nodes.