Get traffic from the gateway

I have doubts, is there a way to download the data generated in the " Gateways/NameGateway/traffic" part?

I need to store the data of time, frequency, mode and counter value of each message.

This depands of the gateway you are using.
In case of a lockeddown gateway like the TTIG this is not possible.
In other cases these information is available in different ways.

I think i got your question wrong. You want the trafficlog from the webconsole?

Thanks engelking

Yes, the traffic log can be found in webconsol: “webconsol/Aplications/NameGateway/Data”

I would like to know if there is any way to download that information.

No there is no supported way to do this.

You posted this in the “Raspberry Pi Gateway” section.

If in fact you want to do this for your own pi-based (or otherwise open source) gateway then you can switch to the poly packet forwarder and add (in addition to TTN) an additional network server on the loopback address and throw together a daemon in something like python to speak the Semtech UDP backhaul protocol (ack push and pull requests, never send any transmit commands) and do… well, whatever you like with that traffic. Keep in mind that at this point it’s still encrypted, so unless it’s from your own nodes all you’ll really be able to do is general conditions analysis.

Or you could modify the packet forwarder itself, for example to log more to syslog, and come up with something to read it out of there.