Getting data from TTN to hosted MQTT....Losant

Hi clever people out there,
I am trying to find out how to configure TTN to send node payloads to MQTT which is hosted.
My final goal or actual want is that we use TTN nodes with TTN gateways and want to get the data into losant which has integrations for MQTT. has anyone done this ?

TTN allows you to subscribe to MQTT to receive data from your applications. It does not provide the option to push to an external MQTT provider.
If you search this forum you should find recommendations on how to accomplish that.

Thanks for reply. I did try search but old outdated info that did not match current TTN layouts . Will keep trying . Seems I will have to use built in ubidots integration but was trying to send data to losant…

You could use something like node red to receive MQTT messages from TTN and publish them to another MQTT server.